Casino in the GTA game from Rockstar Games

Casino in the GTA game from Rockstar Games

What makes an online casino?

It seems like this might not be much of a question to ask. After all, the answer is pretty simple (at least seemingly so): an online casino is a casino that offers its services online. But what if, suddenly, there comes along a casino that seems to offer the services, but does not provide the same exact service as a normal online casino? Recently, in online casino ratings by Play Casino, the website came upon a dilemma that is related to this. Recently, Grand Theft Auto online, the popular MMO game, has announced the release of their casino expansion. This lead many to believe that the GTA world was getting its very own casino, with the ability to win and lose money in game, and has led Play Casino and others like it to explore the possibility. But with the information currently available and with the upcoming release, there is a dilemma of even categorizing it as an online casino. After all, there is no way to win.


How the GTA Online casino works

The casino that will be created in GTA is going to be very different from what people are used to seeing in the gaming world. While in the past, going to a casino in a game meant being James Bond and playing poker at random tables, now the players will get to pick from a wide variety of games. Poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, according to Rockstar Games, the players will be able to access any of those games without an issue. The players will be able to play the game by using the in game currency to make bets, and will be able to win in game currency back, while playing. So far, the game seems like nothing more than a game, not a real casino. But the issues with the game arise when you start considering what happens when the money eventually runs out (because the house always wins). What happens then? Well, players can go out and try to earn money in the game world, or they could take a short cut and purchase some in game currency with real funds. This is where the issue arises. After all, if there are real funds involved in playing the game, then is it not a real casino that he user is playing in? Well no, because players have no way of withdrawing real funds when they are playing the game. This means that even if they manage to win any money in the casino, they will likely not be able to withdraw anything. So, is this a casino, or not?


Dealing with the issue

The problem remains, for as long as there is little to nothing to be known about the casino. We might say that the casino uses real money from users, so it is a casino. But the fact that there is no way to win might point us to the conclusion that it is not a casino at all. In the end, there is not enough information about the casino, currently, to give it a final categorization. The casino will be getting added to the game over the next few months, and will be one of the most ambitious additions to the game, up to this point. This is why there are many casino review sites and ranking sites that are currently looking at the update. Maybe they will end up ignoring the casino altogether. In the end the only thing we can say is that it is hard to make a judgment so far and everyone will probably have to wait for the casino to go live before they can say anything final. Til then, let us remain hopeful that it will be a fun addition, at least.

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