6 Ways Casinos Stop Dice Cheats

Dice gaming is one of the most popular games in both real and online casinos. Though she dice is played at the real casinos, players learned literally to cheat the casino houses. There are many players who know to throw dice the way it will show the number they want.

As casino houses do not want to lose their income they developed fine techniques of preventing dice cheating. If it is not diced online casino games a player does, casino houses can diminish cheating almost to zero.

How casino houses fight cheating

Gambling houses developed several methods that help them to prevent cheating with the help of dice gaming. Here are the six most popular ways gambling houses do it:

  • Sliding dice. Sliding dice in a very specific way helps cheaters to get the number they wish. A dice stays in a hand of players and he little by little slides it until he gets the desired number. Casino houses professionals though also learned to do it. Today, the cheaters are caught only after several big winnings.
  • Loaded item. This trick is based on tampering a dice. Gamers who wanted to manipulate a game cut parts of a playing item to reduce its weight. They did the same with interior space, removing a solid component from inside. Though, casino houses immediately noticed in. Today each die has an own serial number. Moreover, each die is transparent. So, it is easy to notice any imperfection of it.
  • Past posting. This tricky technique is used to placing a bet when a playing item is already on the table. Cheaters do that when the dealers are distracted. n order to fight it, there were cameras put in all the casinos. There are also small mirrors that clearly show what happens at a table.
  • Hop bet. This is a very specific type of bet. The wagers are done very loudly. This means evidently cheating. Unfortunately, it is not that easy for online casinos to stop this type of cheating. Video cameras do not record audio. Moreover, hop bets are permitted. Though, if too big winning is quickly achieved a casino starts a closer investigation.
  • Shaving corner of a die. This seems unreal, but it happens. When the players shave the corners they reduce a weight of a playing item. That is why today casino dice have very sharp corners.
  • Rhythmic rolling. It is a very special way to cheat a gambling house. Shaking playing items following a rhythm let’s t manipulate the numbers. A player can get a number he wishes to have. That is why casino professionals usually ask players to throw a playing item on a table immediately without shaking it in hands.

These are the main tricks players use to cheat a gambling house. Gladly, gambling houses found the way to overcome reduce chafing significantly. It is better to play fairly.

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